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Clients about us

We have been looking for highly specialized Golang and Python developers for a long time, and Meltory team found suitable candidates within two days. We didn't have to do many interviews as we were immediately offered experienced developers. We plan to continue hiring developers with Meltory in the future.
Bill S.
GrillHouse (CPO)
Very quick selection! In one week we hired three developers with Meltory. As we understand it, Meltory relies on speed in its hiring process. I would like to note the excellent communication of the staff and wish the company good luck in development, they really have an excellent service.
Patrick O.
Brasiway (Founder / CEO)
We have long been convinced of the quality of their work since more than twenty developers from Meltory work in our company, and we have entrusted the recruitment of employees to them. Efficiency and speed is their main advantage in comparison to their competitors.
James K.
Texapp (CEO)

Popular questions

What does Meltory do?
Meltory provides developer outstaffing services to companies.
How is Meltory different from other agencies?
It usually takes up to one month to hire a new developer. Meltory finds a developer for you in a much shorter time.
Do Meltory developers work remotely?
Yes, developers work 100% remotely from across the world. They keep the team connected through modern tools such as Slack or Zoom.
What is the minimum contract period?
Usually it is a standard contract of twelve months, but it can be adjusted to suit customer needs.
What are the payment methods?
We currently accept payment via bank transfer.
How often do you need to pay?
Usually we accept payment once a month, but we can agree on other terms that are convenient to the customer.
Does Meltory work with the part-time employment option?
Usually our developers work full-time, but we are ready to discuss this option if such need arises.

How to Hire Remote Developer

Even in the best of circumstances, it can be difficult to find the proper people to replace a hole on your team. The difficulties double when you're trying to find someone to work remotely for you.
To start, you must create an ideal ad that clearly states what you're looking for without frightening off potential candidates, or drawing in a bunch of riff-raffs. The next step is to go through each response and decide who fits your requirements best. Lastly, you must conduct interviews and trust that the questions you have posed will reveal the candidates' genuine skill sets.

Even after all that, there still is a potential that your preferred candidate declines your offer, even if you believe you have discovered the ideal match for your team and the project's requirements. Even worse, you can find out that they're not as competent as they made you assume after they start working for you. You now need to start the procedure from scratch.

You could start to wonder the following after reading this:

  • Where can I get skilled and knowledgeable developers?
  • What should I include in my job posting to make sure the appropriate applicants see it?
  • Will they get along with the other members of the team?
  • What fundamental abilities and character qualities should I be on the lookout for?
  • What should remote developers expect to be paid fairly?
  • Where can I find remote programmers?

Fortunately, there are methods you may use to speed up the procedure. The likelihood that employing a remote developer will be a waste of time and effort will be reduced as a result of the following information.
Continue reading to discover tried-and-true advice on how to work with remote programmers.

Why You Should Hire Remote Developers

A remote programmer should be chosen based on a variety of considerations, not just by the price alone. There are clear advantages for both businesses and their employees, however it may not be the best option in every circumstance.

‌ Benefits For Employers

It should come as no surprise that the advantages of employing a remote developer rate highly in the selection process. These consist of:

  • Cost savings – Since they don't require an office, remote workers can save money on electricity and office supplies. Savings might be significant if even a small fraction of your team works remotely.
  • Talent availability — The field of information technology encompasses a wide range of expertise. It could be difficult to find someone who lives nearby to your base of operations and has knowledge in the field you require. Hiring remotely enables you to access the world's talent pool and locate the ideal candidate.
  • Adaptability – In today's fast-paced and constantly-evolving global economy, a firm can only remain competitive by having the ability to adjust swiftly. By hiring remote developers, you might be able to discover a person or a team who is prepared to work on your project quickly and using the most recent tools and methods.
  • Employee happiness – It's no secret that happy employees are more productive and motivated to advance their organization. If your remote workers are satisfied with their choice to work from home, both you and they will benefit from it.

What’s the Process for Hiring Remote Developers?

The ideal remote programmer may be found via this five-steps method:

1.Find the Right Job Board and Post Your Listing
Choose where to submit your job posting once you've finished writing it and are confident that it is clear and has all the necessary information.
There are several employment boards available online. Some focus on certain specialities, while others let you choose the region in which your message will be shown. However, not every board is well-known or has a positive reputation.
When publishing, spend some time researching the job forums and selecting the ones that best suit your requirements. To get in touch with the programmer you want, you might need to post on numerous.
Publish the job on the selected Internet resource(s), and wait for candidates to start applying for it.

2. Sort Through the Applications
Even if you properly craft your job advertisement, there is a good likelihood that you will receive applications from candidates who are unqualified for the position.
A simple assessment of the applications can help you avoid unqualified candidates. This will free you up to provide those who could benefit your business with the most attention.

3. Pay Attention to the Cover Letter
While skimming through resumes will give you a good indication of the qualifications the prospect has to offer in terms of knowledge and training, cover letters provide you with the additional important information.
A well-written cover letter ought to be in plain English and succinctly convince you to hire the applicant. If it does, you may be confident that they are able to communicate clearly and effectively. If not, you might wish to continue your search.

4. The Interview
It's time to schedule an interview if a job candidate has progressed through the earlier stages. Even while conducting a good interview might be difficult for remote workers, it is still a crucial step.
You may evaluate the applicants' communication abilities even if the interview is conducted remotely via online meeting. Determine their level of expertise, and whether or not their personality will blend in with the rest of your team by asking some questions.

5. Evaluation and Testing
The applicant will undergo a battery of tests as the process's last phase, allowing you to gauge how well they performed. Naturally, the type of testing will vary depending on the position to be completed. Giving them a task to finish in a set amount of time, therefore, will not only allow you to assess their abilities but also demonstrate how they work under pressure.

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